About Me

I am Iris Vonk. I am a twenty-something woman from Galway, Ireland.

I have read from a very early age on and still love it.
As a young girl I had troubles keeping up in class with reading, but a teaching assistant took me aside brought me back to the classes level in just a few months (He was a miracle worker). And even though I had a really hard time reading then, I still fought to do what I liked to do best, reading.

I try to read as many different books as possible, but know that I have been kind of stuck at (high) fantasy and thrillers. But this blog makes me want to read other genres as well.

I love writing too and that made me want to get into blogging, hoping to share my opinion of books with the world through words – And not to have to write whole big pieces –
Mostly I focus on characters in the books, but I try to write my blogs in such a fashion people will not get bored by it.

All my social media are on the contact page, so feel free to contact me in any way and I will get back to you.