Book Releases: January 2021

Book Releases January 2021

Yay, 2020 is finally over and hopefully, 2021 will be the year where publishing gets back to normal. And I can say I am already much happier with the releases of January. As of the writing of this post, I do plan on returning to posting this month!

Into the Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer
Tales From the Hinterland by Melissa Albert
Cast in Firelight (Wickery #1) by Dana Swift
The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Into the Heartless Wood by Joanna Ruth Meyer (January 12)


The forest is a dangerous place, where siren song lures men and women to their deaths. For centuries, a witch has harvested souls to feed the heartless tree, using its power to grow her domain.

When Owen Merrick is lured into the witch’s wood, one of her tree-siren daughters, Seren, saves his life instead of ending it. Every night, he climbs over the garden wall to see her, and every night her longing to become human deepens. But a shift in the stars foretells a dangerous curse, and Seren’s quest to become human will lead them into an ancient war raging between the witch and the king who is trying to stop her.

Into the Heartless Wood has gotten me activated for the new year for a while now. I follow Joanna on Twitter and she has posted a few quotes which made me really happy. The synopsis doesn’t hurt either.

Tales From the Hinterland by Melissa Albert (January 12)


Journey into the Hinterland, a brutal and beautiful world where a young woman spends a night with Death, brides are wed to a mysterious house in the trees, and an enchantress is killed twice―and still lives.

Finally, we get the tales that started The Hazel Wood. I am so curious because the little bits I read in the first book sounded great, so please give me Tales From the Hinterland asap, please!

Cast in Firelight (Wickery #1) by Dana Swift (January 19)


Adraa is the royal heir of Belwar, a talented witch on the cusp of taking her royal ceremony test, and a girl who just wants to prove her worth to her people.

Jatin is the royal heir to Naupure, a competitive wizard who’s mastered all nine colors of magic, and a boy anxious to return home for the first time since he was a child.

Together, their arranged marriage will unite two of Wickery’s most powerful kingdoms. But after years of rivalry from afar, Adraa and Jatin only agree on one thing: their reunion will be anything but sweet.

Only, destiny has other plans and with the criminal underbelly of Belwar suddenly making a move for control, their paths cross…and neither realizes who the other is, adopting separate secret identities instead.

Between dodging deathly spells and keeping their true selves hidden, the pair must learn to put their trust in the other if either is to uncover the real threat. Now Wickery’s fate is in the hands of rivals..? Fiancées..? Partners..? Whatever they are, it’s complicated and bound for greatness or destruction.

Cast in Firelight sounds so good! It does make me worried it would be as good as I think it is because in 2020 I have read many disappointing novels.

The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon (January 26)


Shay Goldstein has been a producer at her Seattle public radio station for nearly a decade, and she can’t imagine working anywhere else. But lately it’s been a constant clash between her and her newest colleague, Dominic Yun, who’s fresh off a journalism master’s program and convinced he knows everything about public radio.

When the struggling station needs a new concept, Shay proposes a show that her boss green-lights with excitement. On The Ex Talk, two exes will deliver relationship advice live, on air. Their boss decides Shay and Dominic are the perfect co-hosts, given how much they already despise each other. Neither loves the idea of lying to listeners, but it’s this or unemployment. Their audience gets invested fast, and it’s not long before The Ex Talk becomes a must-listen in Seattle and climbs podcast charts.

As the show gets bigger, so does their deception, especially when Shay and Dominic start to fall for each other. In an industry that values truth, getting caught could mean the end of more than just their careers.

The Ex Talk is the only contemporary on my January releases list, but it does sound great. The synopsis makes me curious and original.

Let me know what you thought of these books!
If you have any requests for which book I should talk about next, please let me know in the comments down below.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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