Book Review: Dragonfly in the Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well

I was curious where Outlander went after the first novel. It was a bit confusing but I still thing it is a beautifully written novel.

Book Review: Dragonfly in the Amber by Diana Gabaldon


Title & Author: Dragonfly in the Amber by Diana Gabaldon
Genre: History, Romance
Release date: July 1 1992
Series: Outlander
Publisher: Bantam


For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland’s majestic mist-shrouded hills. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones …about a love that transcends the boundaries of time …and about James Fraser, a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of his ….

Now a legacy of blood and desire will test her beautiful copper-haired daughter, Brianna, as Claire’s spellbinding journey of self-discovery continues in the intrigue-ridden Paris court of Charles Stuart …in a race to thwart a doomed Highlands uprising …and in a desperate fight to save both the child and the man she loves….

I give Dragonfly in the Amber by Diana Gabaldon four out of five hearts because it is beautifully written and the characters are very interesting.

Dragonfly in the Amber is different from Outlander. Where Outlander was mostly linear, Dragonfly is not, it confused the crap out of me and I annoyed me a little bit. That is probably why I can’t give it a higher rating than four hearts. The book is separated between chapters in the passed and chapters in the present. In the past, the reader is still with Claire and Jamie. But the present is twenty years after Claire found herself trapped in the past, back in Scotland to tell her daughter about her real father.

Diana’s writing is beautiful again and very descriptive. I enjoyed reading it a lot when I knew which time Claire was in.

Brianna is Claire’s daughter and doesn’t believe her mother when she tries to tell her about where she comes from. Her story line is very realistic if your parents tells you without any proof that you are adopted or that the other parent isn’t your real parent. I liked this and wished there had been more proof that Claire could use to get her daughter across to her side. Only the magic that summons another girl to the past, is needed to convince her.

The most negative part next to the switching times was that Claire and Jamie go to France and all the other parts that aren’t set in Scotland. I didn’t care and would have liked it more if they had been able to stay in Scotland.


I think seasons 2 of the tv-series misses something. I rather read the book again than watching the tv-series. Probably because the series also shifts a lot between the two different times and I did not like that aspect of the book.

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