Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

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I read Coraline back when I was younger and now I read it again. I loved it as much as I did back then.

Book Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman


Title & Author: Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Genre: [genre]
Release Date: August 4 2006
Series: Standalone
Publisher: HarperCollins


The day after they moved in, Coraline went exploring….

In Coraline’s family’s new flat are twenty-one windows and fourteen doors. Thirteen of the doors open and close. 

The fourteenth is locked, and on the other side is only a brick wall, until the day Coraline unlocks the door to find a passage to another flat in another house just like her own. 

Only it’s different. 

At first, things seem marvelous in the other flat. The food is better. The toy box is filled with wind-up angels that flutter around the bedroom, books whose pictures writhe and crawl and shimmer, little dinosaur skulls that chatter their teeth. But there’s another mother, and another father, and they want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go. 

Other children are trapped there as well, lost souls behind the mirrors. Coraline is their only hope of rescue. She will have to fight with all her wits and all the tools she can find if she is to save the lost children, her ordinary life, and herself.

I give Coraline by Neil Gaiman four out of five hearts. I loved it but there was too much character development.

The world that Coraline lives in is such an interesting one. How did the door get into her grandmothers house and where did the other-mother come from. I loved all the little mysteries Neil throws at you.

Coraline is curious and a real young girl. She is easily bored and let down by her parents. But she deals with it well and explores her new world. I loved that about her.
I wished the novel was longer so I could stay in this world longer, but unfortunately it was over so fast. But I head fun and liked it.

The Movie

Back in 2009 there was a stop-motion movie based on Coraline. I loved it because it had so many of the elements of the novel in it but I also love stop-motion a lot!

Dakota Fanning does the voice of Coraline and she is very cute. Her voice fits with the character. Ian McShane does the voice of one of the neighbours and he is great at it too.

Let me know what you thought of this book and/or movie!
If you have any requests for which book I should talk about next, please let me know in the comments down below.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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