Book Review: The Adventures of Lola and the Ocean Monster by Jade Harley

Mermaids still exist

A couple of months ago Jade contacted me with the great news she had written a new book in The Adventures of Lola series and she asked me if I wanted to give her an honest review on it. I liked her previous novel on Lola a lot so of course I want to read her second one!

Book Review: The Adventures of Lola and the Ocean Monster by Jade Harley


Title & Author: The Adventures of Lola and the Ocean Monster by Jade Harley
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Release date: November 18 2017
Series: The Adventures of Lola
Publisher: CreateSpace


A year after finding out she has magical powers beyond her imagination, Lola finds herself on the beautiful East Coast of Australia in Byron Bay, where she has been accepted into Protector Fairy Training Camp. She and her best friends Allie and Jet enjoy learning to surf, making new friends, and working closely with Katia, the Queen of the Water Fairies.

Lola is excited to be one step closer to becoming a world-famous adventurer, protecting the earth like she has always dreamed of. However, her new home is threatened when a dark force wreaks havoc in the ocean, striking down countless sea animals with a mysterious illness. When tragedy strikes and a beautiful young dolphin dies, Lola is determined to uncover the truth. She learns of a Water Fairy legend about an Ocean Monster that wants to destroy human life if the oceans aren’t respected and cared for.

Lola needs to separate myth from truth. She is beset by disturbing nightmares and bolstered by an instinct telling her that there has to be more going on than she knows. Will the adventurous Lola be able to unravel the Ocean Monster mystery and save the day once again?

I give The Adventures of Lola and the Ocean Monster by Jade Harley five out of five hearts because it is a very cute and interesting read. I enjoyed reading it a lot and read it till deep into the night because I wanted to know how it ended.

In the first novel Lola did a lot of discoveries about her race, of which she has to deal with in this novel. Like her ability to read minds and Jade uses that to her advantage during Lola’s new adventures. She now has even more friends to help her, like the bumble bee Banjo and Katie the Queen of the Water Fairies. She is still the curious young woman she was during the first novel. I enjoyed her very much. She has moved to a cave by the sea after the destruction of her previous village during the first novel. And she is going to Protector Fairy Training Camp over the summer, even though she doesn’t get to visit it during this novel I am still very interested to see how she will do.

Overall the writing was great and the story is very much one that resonates with the world of today. Animals are dying because the humans keep throwing their trash in the sea and in nature. And the weather growing more erratic every year. Jade used this in a very interesting way for her fairies. I enjoyed it very much.

I loved Jades writing for children. I am very much looking forward to the moment I can start reading The Adventures of Lola to my own children.

Let me know what you thought of this book!
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For now, let books enrich your life!


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