Book Review: Moondance at Stonewylde by Kit Berry

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Moondance at Stonewylde starts right there where Magus of Stonewylde stopped. It feels like it is just one story, instead of 2 different ones with the same characters.

Book Review: Moondance at Stonewylde by Kit Berry


Title & Author: Moondance at Stonewylde by Kit Berry
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: November 29 2006
Series: Stonewylde
Publisher: Moongazy Publishing


The tale continues – fast, furious and gripping!
A brilliant sequel to the successful Magus of Stonewylde.

The cracks are beginning to show in the apparently idyllic country estate of Stonewylde, a very special modern community in beautiful Dorset..

Yul and Sylvie must defy the tyranny of Magus, who holds all the power. Nobody challenges him and survives.

Now Magus knows Sylvie’s secret, but makes a further discovery that puts her life at risk..

Set against the stunning backdrop of rural England, with standing stones, ancient country customs and harvest folk-lore, Moondance of Stonewylde will leave you absolutely spellbound.

Another cliff-hanger story of the magic of Stonewylde – a place of enchhantment and dark secrets.

Slowly but surely I am getting through the Stonewylde series by Kit Berry. I still enjoy the series, although Moondance at Stonewylde is not my favorite book in the first three books (the last two I have never finished and will be mostly a surprise for me).

This book is really dark and a lot of very harsh things happen to the main characters (Sylvie en Yul). The book still pulls me in, but after each chapter I am very happy I only have to read the next one the next day. I have a lot of heavy feelings while reading this book (probably because it is so dark).

Sylvie is still this soft girl, growing into this teenage body, but Magus is not letting her. He makes her sick all over again, but now only parts of the month, instead of constantly.

During this book Magus is as smart as ever, denying a really big fact, which makes a lot of pieces fall into place when you know it. He tells half truths and in that way he is not lying, which is the annoying part.

I love Mother Heggy, she sounds like a sweet woman and someone who would have been a wonderful person in the earlier days. Now she is old, but she does her best to help Yul and Sylvie. And goes as far as nearly killing herself to give Magus an accident. I was really worried about her after that scene until I read what happened next to her. For some reason I have the feeling Yul or Sylvie is going to find her dead in her cottage sometime (I can not remember much from the 3rd book to be able to sooth my own fears).

On the other side I have mixed feelings about Clip (Magus’ half-brother). He seems so nice and a real good guy. But whenever he talks to Magus I want to hit him for being so influenced by him and doing stupid things because of it.

I really hope everything turns out great for Yul and Sylvie during Solstice at Stonewylde.

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