Book Review: Saga Volume 1-6 by Brian K. Vaughan

Once upon a time, each of us was somebody’s kid

I thought it would be nice to join in to see what the hype about Saga by Brian K. Vaughan was about. And I fell in love with it within a few pages.

Book Review: Saga Vol 1-6 by Brian K. Vaughan


Title & Author: Saga Vol 1-5 by Brian K. Vaughan
Genre: Science-Fiction, Comic
Release Date: October 23 2012
Series: Saga Collected Editions
Publisher: Image Comics


Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, and published monthly by Image Comics.

The series, which is heavily influenced by Star Wars, and based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent, depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, who struggle to survive amid a galactic war with their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series.

I bought the first volume of Saga by Brian K. Vaughan because I was not sure if I would like this comic book. But within a few pages I was in love with it. So when I finished it, I needed to go back to the comic book store to buy the rest. But since it is not well stocked, I missed Vol 5 when I got home and so I send my boyfriend to a comic book store at the other side of the country (poor boy).

I really needed more, even though I tried not to rush through them. And now that I am done with the first 6.

There is sometimes a bit to much vulgar imaging in it, but I am an adult now and don’t look away anymore. I do think a reader should be warned about it. But of course after that it is up to the reader on whether they find it appropriate.

Alana and Marko seem so different from each other and I am so glad they are together, they really make it work and even have fights together (really bad ones), like people have in reallive. Their life is not perfect and it is visible.

I love the narration of ‘baby’ Hazel, she is sometimes so funny I am laughing out loud and people look up at me disturbed.

I love the art and that helps me spend more time with the comics. At the end of each volume some art of the parts that are in it is shown and they are even more beautiful then the actually comic.

I wonder why I don’t have a problem with this romance, because the story is just about the live of two new parents and a baby and not much more. Maybe it is the fact that these are more ‘real’. Usually I think the romances in novels are too much, with not real emotions or just ‘over acted’.

Let me know what you thought of this book!
If you have any requests for which book I should talk about next, please let me know in the comments down below.

For now, let books enrich your life!


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