Book Review: Shaman of Stonewylde by Kit Berry


I was not impressed with Shadows at Stonewylde. I actually hated it and felt it would ruin my feeling on the first three books if I read more this bad. But at some point during Shaman of Stonewylde by Kit Berry I started to really love it. It is a great wrap up to the series and was happy with it.

Book Review:


Title & Author: Shaman of Stonewylde by Kit Berry
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: October 16 2012
Series: Stonewylde
Publisher: Gollancz


Disaster has struck. Is this the end for Stonewylde? The community’s golden age is over. Now, with their new business in tatters, Yul and Sylvie increasingly estranged and Clip making plans to leave for good, darkness has taken hold of Stonewylde. There is a glimmer of light in the darkness. Leveret’s affinity for magic and for healing is blossoming and, alongside it, so is Magpie’s art, but as the community’s woes grow these are small consolations. Magic is fading from their lives and as the Outside World becomes more important to their survival, so it seems the magic may not return. Painful truths must be revealed, about past wrongs, old lies, and ongoing deceits, if broken relationships are to be mended. There are poisons which have festered for too long, and unless they are healed—and soon—the damage may prove too great to ever recover from.

I gave Shaman of Stonewylde five out of five stars even though the last book I gave only three out of five and now even would give it only even give two stars right now. And due to time issues and being scared of it, tried to shove reading this book out in front of me for two months. The book really changed my mind about it.

Leveret changed from this self-pitting girl, who was going bullied by her brothers into this great Shaman and Wise Woman. I loved her change and her parts were interesting.

Clip felt in the beginning like this stubborn and annoying man. It felt like had not learned anything from the first four books (so like 14 years) and I did not like him all that much. But by the last half of the book I started to like his actions and started to understand him better.

Sylvie is during this book a much better woman, she gains the strength to stand up for herself and get herself into the position she wants to be in and is not as whiny about it as last book. She starts to be happy again until the end. I think her end was the most shocking thing of the whole book, because I came so sudden. But I love the way it is written and how the story ends.

Also Yul has turned his life around. During the last book I did not like him, because he was selfish and though of his wife, Sylvie as weak, just there had been one incident of her becoming mentally unstable years before.

Overall I really love this book. It might well be the best of the entire series, but I cannot make up my mind about it. It is most definitely worth struggling through Shadows at Stonewylde for this book.

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