Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way

I had to try three times to read The Name of the Wind, which gave me a bad view of this novel. It is not as bad as I thought, but it is a tough cookie.

Book Review: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


Title & Author: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Release Date: March 27 2007
Series: Kingkiller Chronicles
Publisher: DAW Books


Told in Kvothe’s own voice, this is the tale of the magically gifted young man who grows to be the most notorious wizard his world has ever seen.

The intimate narrative of his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, his years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime-ridden city, his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, and his life as a fugitive after the murder of a king form a gripping coming-of-age story unrivaled in recent literature.

I give The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss three out of five hearts because to me it felt like a tough cookie. I started on this novel three times and only finished once after getting the audiobook.

The story is not bad, it just starts out a bit boring and that gave me hard time to get started in this novel. But basically after the first chapter it got better and only once in awhile it went back to interludes and I did not like them that much, the characters just did not feel real and worked out. The story basically consists of two parts, the start and the interludes and the rest of the story. During the start and the interlude it is Kote (main character Kvothe in disguise), his apprentice and Chronicler in an inn and there Kote tells his story that covers the rest of the novel.

I think the concept worked but I felt the characters on the starting side of the story were not that worked out, even though the characters in the story Kote tells are so real and deep. You can understand why Kvothe wants to take revenge and why he wants to learn the Name of the Wind.

I do feel Kvothe is a bit of a whiny character, just because his parents got murdered and it does not sit well with me. But it did give him an arch and that is much better than the things that happen to the character in the inn.

I do not hate the story, but it felt disappointing and it took me awhile to get anywhere with it. That is why I gave it three hearts and I would advice people to read The Name of the Wind, but to not think it will be an easy read

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