800 Questions for Me #18

Each week I am going to put a set of 10 questions online and answer them for you.

Here they are:
171) What’s your favourite saying? This might sound a bit pessimistic, but ‘life sucks and then you die’. I got it from Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I am less pessimistic now, but I haven’t found a new good one.
172) Have you ever been in a tug of war? Yes and I hated it. I just can’t understand what the fun of that is. I also get hurt a lot during tug of war, so I tend to avoid it.
173) And did you ever win? Yeah, once or twice if they forced me. But not because of me.
174) Can you stand on your hands unassisted? Yes, but not for long (anymore). I used to be really good at it, was part of a gymnastics group and everything. But now I just don’t do it that much anymore.
175) What do you have on your fridge door? Another door, the one from the apartment is a build-in one. I have a separate one, but it has nothing on it.
176) Do you love or hate MySpace? Neither, I have used it in the past. But now I am not so much on social media anymore. I mostly use it for my blog.
177) Who was the last person to knock/ring at your door? Probably the postman yesterday. I wasn’t at home but my housemate was and we received a package.
178) How old were you when you went last trick or treating? I never did. It is not something that was a thing back when I was young and now they do it some times in the city (our neighbourhood was swarming the last weekend of October!
179) Have you ever been bobbing for apples? Yeah, probably. It is something they do here for things like kids-parties and such.
180) What’s your most expensive piece of clothing? I have no idea, I have a dress that was quite expensive and a set of lingerie.

If you have any other questions you would like me to answer, let me know in the comments down below!

For now, let books enrich your life!

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