800 Questions for Me #22

Each week I am going to put a set of 10 questions online and answer them for you.

I hope you guys are getting ready for Christmas. I still have to do my Christmas shopping, but I am always late with it. Unfortunately we, in The Netherlands, are not expecting a white Christmas. But that doesn’t take away from the fun. For now here are the next 10 questions.

211) Which Foreign country do you dislike the most? North Korea. I guess we can mostly agree to that.
212) Do you like your music loud or easy listening? Depends on why I am listening to the music. If it is while I am doing anything else, I like easy listening. But when I just want to listen to music, I play it as loud as I can.
213) Whats your favourite animated or cartoon program? Avatar the Last Airbender. I love it so much!
214) Do you sing in the shower? Yes of course I do.
215) Are you a clean or messy person? Depends on what you mean. I have a messy desk, the bedroom is messy. But I am clean… I take several showers a week and wash myself every day.
216) Whats your prefered playing piece in monopoly? The car, how else are you going to move around the bored.
217) Can or Do you still play twister? I can play Twister, I just don’t own a board, so I don’t play I anymore.
218) Can you play chess? I can play chess. I am actually a very experienced player. But I haven’t played in a while.
219) Do you know the dance steps to an annoying cheesey pop song? Nope, I can’t even fake it.
220) Do you prefer straight or bendy straws? I love bendy straws, but for drinking I want them straight and then afterwards I play around with them.

Next week is Christmas but there will stay be a 800 Questions post for you. And then in the new year I am going to switch around my schedule. From the 1st of January on I will have book reviews on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and any other kinds of posts during the weekend. So I am moving the 800 Questions for Me posts to Sundays.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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