800 Questions for Me #27

Each week I am going to put a set of 10 questions online and answer them for you.

I still really like answering these questions every week, do you like reading them too? Let me know in the comments down below. For now ten more questions and answers

261) Can you do 10 revolutions of a hula hoop? Yeah, it is not that hard.
262) Do you think Great Britain should have a National Day? Why?
263) Do you think Great Britain should be part of a United Europe? Dunno, I travel to England every once in a while and don’t mind the little bit of more hassle that it is to get into the country.
264) Would you want the Euro or keep the British Pound? Please, just keep the Pound, the euro sucks.
265) Were you part of the Brownies/Cubs/Scouts/Guides etc? I have been part of the scouts yes, but they basically didn’t do much more then play in the forest and play games.
266) Have you ever invented a fairly unique meal or drink? Nope.
267) Do you have any secret family recipes? Not really. At my parents place the only special things we ate were things from my grand mothers home country and in my own family we pick recipes from the internet try it out and change little things so we really like it.
268) Do you have any family secrets? Nope and if I had, I wouldn’t tell them here, would I 😉
269) Are you good at keeping secrets? Yes, nough said.
270) Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon? Nope. I have always said I would do it if I had the chance, but I also no I am not the greatest at being stuck in little space. So who knows.

Let me know if there are questions you want me to answer!

For now, let books enrich your life!

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