800 Questions for Me #3

Each week I am going to put a set of 10 questions online and answer them for you.

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday, so therefore I have to now give you my great answers today.

Here are the first ten questions.
21) Can you juggle? I can juggle with two balls pretty well, three goes a bit less well. But at least I can do it
22) Can you solve a rubix cube? It might take a little time, but I can do it
23) Do you have a cherished childhood teddybear? No, I do not have any thing like that
24) Are you psychic in any way? No
25) Are you a good dancer? No, I can keep pace with the music. But I not very well
26) Are you a good singer? I wouldn’t call myself a good singer, I can carry a tune, but that is all
27) Are you a good cook? I love cooking and people like my cooking, so maybe?
28) Are you a good artist? I wouldn’t call myself an artist, there is no reason for me to do it
29) Are you a good listener? I would think I am a good listener, people like talking to me
30) Are you a good public speaker? People say I am, but I actually do not think so. Who knows who is right

Next week there will be another 10 questions I am going to answer. Hope to see you then.

On another note, Wednesday August 16th Books in Character might be down from midnight GMT to 4 o’clock GMT.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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