800 Questions for Me #40

Each week I am going to put a set of 10 questions online and answer them for you.

Next week is already May. Hopefully the weather is getting better and summer is about to start. I am glad the weather will be better and the holidays are coming up. Here are another 10 questions I answered for you.

391) What was your least favourite school subject? Languages and subjects like history and geography. They just weren’t interesting and/or I had a hard time with them.
392) Have you ever passed wind in an embarassing situation? Ehm… Probably? I mean, it happens to everyone, right?
393) Have you ever played the bongos? For fun at a music school yeah but never seriously.
394) Have you ever handled a snake? I believe I have had a snake on my shoulders for a little while and just stroked it.
395) Have you ever assembled furniture by yourself? If you mean a certain Swedish furniture brand, yes. But never from scrap.
396) When did you last go to the beach? If the stones at the other side of the street at the waters edge count as beach? Last week, probably. I live right across from the bay.
397) When if ever did you last go to London? Last year I went twice, once in January and once in June. I love London
398) What do you do to cool down when its hot? Take a cold shower, probably.
399) Whats the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten? No clue, froglegs maybe?
400) Do you have a favourite mug? Nope. I have a mug I love to drink tea out from, but it’s not because it is my favourite. Mostly because it can contain the most liquid.

Let me know if there are questions you want me to answer!

For now, let books enrich your life!

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