#LoveAThon Mini Challenge 8: On The Road (Trip)

Let’s go on a road trip! Pick 3-4 people—fictional characters, readers/bloggers, authors—you’d love to take on this road trip; a place you’re headed towards like Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Martha’s Vineyard, etc; and what you’ll be doing on this road trip, like topics of discussion, who’s driving, who’s in charge of the road trip music, etc.

I would go on a road trip with Hermione (Harry Potter universe), Finnick (Hunger Games), Day (Legend series) and Arya (Game of Thrones). Everytime we drive, me, Finnick and Day will fight over who gets to drive (not looking into driver licenses). Arya is the dj and Hermione tries to figure out the best route from A to B to C.

We would probably visit a well stocked (comic)book store. So everyone can look at their own favorite things, like books, movie props etc.

Then we could visit a park to hang out, Hermione and I will read, while the boys and Arya would spare off against each other and practice their sword fighting, maybe even get into a brawl. So me and Hermione will die of laughter and then the boys and Ayra would join in too. There we would have a nice lunch and dinner. And during the evening we would get ourselves some fireworks to show off in the park.

Who would you take on a road trip? Let me know in the comments down below!

For now, have a great weekend and let books enrich your life!

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