Book Review: Honor Lost by Ann Aguirre & Rachel Caine

I loved Honor Lost a lot… Until the end. I am sorry but I am not taking it and will lower my rating accordingly.

Book Review: Honor Lost by Ann Aguarre & Rachel Caine


Title & Author: Honor Lost by Ann Aguarre & Rachel Caine
Genre: Science-Fiction, Adventure
Release date: February 11 2020
Series: The Honors
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books


Space renegade Zara Cole may have finally met her match. Lifekiller—a creature that can devour entire planets—is spreading terror throughout the universe, and it seems nothing can stand in the monstrous godking’s way.

Reeling from a series of battles, Zara and her wounded band of allies are going to need a strategy before they face Lifekiller again. Zara’s street smarts may not be enough when their enemy could be anywhere, destroying civilizations and picking his teeth with the bones.

And just when it feels like she’s reached a special place in her bond with Bea and Nadim, an ex from Earth with an ax to grind comes after her with nefarious intentions. With human enemies, alien creatures, and mechanical stalkers on her tail, it’s down to the wire for Zara to save the galaxy—and the people she calls home—before the godking consumes them all.

I give Honor Lost by Ann Aguirre and Rachel Caine three out of five hearts. I loved it but the ending was so cheap it pulled me completely out of the story.

Zara has been fighting for so long but the cracks are starting to appear and I loved seeing that. She was stretched to her edges and had to fight to stay on top of things. Still the romance was bugging me, even more now that it was even more up front was.

The more I read about Beatriz, the more I started to like her and enjoyed reading about her too.

Honor Lost was so fast paced and easy read. There wasn’t too much world building done and every sentence flowed into the next. I fly through really easily.

But even though I really loved the first four fifths, I hate the last bit. It felt easy and rushed. This whole time they have been fighting the Godking and nearly loose until basically a random stranger comes along and wins. I find it cheap and a cheats way of ending things. It made me really annoyed.

Overall the series is great and I would really advice people to read it. But just be aware the ending could be experienced as a shitting one. Good luck.

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Ann Aguirre
Rachel Caine

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