Book Review: Mythos by Stephen Fry

Thanatos, the grim, forbidding figure of Death

I have been really into listening to rewritten mythologies and it is super. Stephen Fry wrote one. I love Stephen Fry’s writing and the audio book I listened to was also done by him. It was super!

Book Review: Mythos by Stephen Fry


Title & Author: Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece by Stephen Fry
Genre: Nonfiction, History
Release date: November 2 2017
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Michael Joseph


The Greek myths are the greatest stories ever told, passed down through millennia and inspiring writers and artists as varied as Shakespeare, Michelangelo, James Joyce and Walt Disney.

They are embedded deeply in the traditions, tales and cultural DNA of the West. In Stephen Fry’s hands the stories of the titans and gods become a brilliantly entertaining account of ribaldry and revelry, warfare and worship, debauchery, love affairs and life lessons, slayings and suicides, triumphs and tragedies.

You’ll fall in love with Zeus, marvel at the birth of Athena, wince at Cronus and Gaia’s revenge on Ouranos, weep with King Midas and hunt with the beautiful and ferocious Artemis.

I give Mythos by Stephen Fry five out of five hearts. I already knew before I started this book that it would be a great read, but I didn’t know how great. I loved it!

Stephen Fry writes in this funny but real way. His words are precise but not dry. I really enjoy listening to Stephen’s voice. His British accent is noticeable but not annoyingly so, he is calm, but can also convey the fun he has when telling you the story.

Overall the stories discussed in Mythos are the standard ones we all know from Greece. But is was nice to remind myself which stories come from that country.

Let me know what you thought of this book!
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For now, let books enrich your life!


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