Book Review: The No-Cry Solutions by Elizabeth Pantley

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I read The No-Cry Nap Solution and The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns recently and think I can put their reviews together. Because they say pretty much the same only the audience might be a little bit different (parents of newborns and parents of babies in general). They were okay books, but not something I could not have found online.

Book Review: The No-Cry Solutions by Elizabeth Pantley


Title & Author: The No-Cry Nap/Newborn Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley
Genre: Nonfiction, Parenting
Release date: December 2 2008
Series: The No-Cry Solutions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Eduction


Does your child: nap only in your arms, a sling, a swing, or the car? require elaborate rituals before sleeping? get fussy, act cranky, or have tantrums due to lack of sleep? take very short naps–or none at all? Naps are important to a childs mood, well-being, and development.  The No-Cry Nap Solution offers you a proven formula to allow your baby, toddler, or preschooler to get daily restorative rest. Youll learn gentle, loving, tear-free techniques, developed by world-renowned parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley and tested by hundreds of families around the world, guaranteed to help you: Convince any child to nap every day Effortlessly settle your child for naptime in his or her own bed Turn short, fitful naps into long, peaceful ones Establish a nap schedule that works for you and your child Easily adapt nap routines to your childs developing needs Confidently deal with sudden changes, nap strikes, and travel.

You have a newborn, so sleep is impossible, right? Wrong! In the womb, babies sleep up to twenty hours per day. Clearly newborns don’t need to be “trained” how to sleep – they know how, and they’ve had plenty of practice. So why do most parents have trouble getting their newborns to sleep?

Elizabeth Pantley, a world-renowned expert on children’s sleep, created this guide to explain the ways we unintentionally prevent an infant’s natural sleep to occur, and to teach us the simple but powerful ways to maximize our newborn’s naps and nighttime sleep. Once you’ve learned the 15 Keys to Amazing Newborn Sleep you’ll easily make adjustments to how you treat your baby’s sleep. You don’t have to keep logs nor follow schedules or rules. Just by being aware of this information you will do things to improve sleep that you wouldn’t have known to do otherwise.

With The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns, you will learn:
• the things that trick us into disrupting a baby’s sleep
• how to identify the perfect moment for a nap
• ways to create a sleep-inducing environment 
• tips to reduce the number of night wakings
• how to set the stage for great sleep throughout babyhood

The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns was field-tested by 122 test families with newborns. Their input refined the ideas to make them easy to understand and follow – by even the most sleep-deprived parent. When you apply these Keys you can help your baby sleep well and peacefully. And guess what? When your baby sleeps – you will, too!

I give The No-Cry Nap/Newborn Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley three out of five hearts because I thought it brought nothing new. The two books were very similar and there for if you read one, you have read the other basically.

Elizabeth Pantly writes well and easy, her information seems to be up to date and well researched. The information is very nice, but I do think I could get this on the internet. It did help me to make a little bit of a plan for what I wanted for the future and what options I had in the things I had already decided for the sleep of my (anytime in the) future baby.

But yeah, I have nothing more to say on these two books. To me sleep and napping are the same and can be approached the same, so why these need separate books is odd. The information is mentioned in both anyways, either as a comment or just straight out. The only extra bit that wasn’t in the book on napping and was in the newborn sleep was a tiny bit more information on newborn sleep. But most was also mentioned in the book on napping.

Let me know what you thought of this book!
If you have any requests for which book I should talk about next, please let me know in the comments down below.

For now, let books enrich your life!

No-Cry Nap Solution
No-Cry Sleep Solution for Newborns

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