Book Review: Solstice at Stonewylde by Kit Berry

Folk of Stonewylde behold our new Magus!

And the end of the first part of the Stonewylde series is near. I really enjoyed reading these three books with my best friend even though I struggle from time to time.

Book Review: Solstice of Stonewylde by Kit Berry


Title & Author: Solstice of Stonewylde by Kit Berry
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: October 31 2007
Series: stonewylde
Publisher: Moongazy Publishing


There can be no compromise wwhen death comes knocking.

Yul and Sylvie are once more at the mercy of the dark poweres threatening to destroy them.

Will Magus win the dreadful conflict that began in the Stone Circle one Winter Solstice many years ago?

Macabre events weave into a deadly web, keeping the reader on a knife-edge of tension right until the very end.

Stonewylde’s unique magic permeates every page and lingers long after the story’s done.

Stonwylde, a beautiful place in Dorset where menace skulks in the shadows.

This will be for now my last review of the Stonewylde series. I am still going to do the other two books, but due to problems with time-management I do not have the time to read the books before publishing my next review. Just to let you guys know.

I very much enjoyed reading Solstice of Stonewylde, I am very sad to have finished it. I think it is beautifully written. Of course I am not happy about all the ordeal Sylvie and Yul have to endure. But it felt real and all my feelings went with the story.

Solstice is not the fast book of the three. I think the second one, Moondance, read at a much faster pace. During this book the emphasis lays more with the ordeal the two go through, then not the adventure. The characters do grow a lot over the events of this book.

Sylvie finally grows into a woman over the course of this book. At the beginning she still feels a lot like a young girl, who is easily drawn in with charm and gifts. Even though Magus is showing his true colors.

Miranda also grows a lot, just like the child in her womb. She finally goes back to the woman she was before Stonewylde. I am very glad about that, because I liked her being all independent and such, but due to Magus influence I got annoyed with her.

I was so proud of Yul, going through even though he felt really bad for putting the one he loves through so much. I felt very relieved when the final fight began. And I had to keep back tears and I never cry when reading books!

I would recommend this series to everybody who like a more real story. It does have some fantasy elements in them, but is like not all out magic.

Let me know what you thought of this book!
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For now, let books enrich your life!


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  1. Thank you for a lovely review, and I’m delighted you enjoyed this book! I hope you find the final two in the Stonewylde equally enjoyable, though it does all get rather dark, I’m afraid. Bright blessings to you!

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