Book Review: The Cerulean by Amy Ewing

You are not like other girls, Agnes McLellan

I was still a little in a fluke since finishing The Lone City and wasn’t convinced by the synopsis of The Cerulean. It didn’t disappoint but it also wasn’t spectacular.

Book Review: The Cerulean by Amy Ewing


Title & Author: The Cerulean by Amy Ewing
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Release date: January 29 2019
Series: Untitled Duology
Publisher: HarperCollins


Sera has always felt as if she didn’t belong among her people, the Cerulean. She is curious about everything and can’t stop questioning her three mothers, her best friend, Leela, and even the High Priestess. Sera has longed for the day when the tether that connects her City Above the Sky to the earthly world below finally severs and sends the Cerulean to a new planet.

But when Sera is chosen as the sacrifice to break the tether, she doesn’t know what to feel. To save her City, Sera must throw herself from its edge and end her own life. But something goes wrong and she survives the fall, landing in a place called Kaolin. She has heard tales about the humans there, and soon learns that the dangers her mothers warned her of are real. If Sera has any hope to return to her City, she’ll have to find the magic within herself to survive.

I give The Cerulean by Amy Ewing two out of five hearts because I wasn’t particularly blown away by it, but it also didn’t disappoint. Goodreads mentions one of the genres is LGBT, but except for the mention that one of the characters likes girls and that is not excepted in her world and the women on/in the Cerulean (who aren’t important really), it isn’t important for the story at all.

Sera is an insecure main character and everything happens to her, which I didn’t like. I would have liked to like Agnes, she tries to be a strong female character but also lets herself be overshadowed by the males in her society. Leo is the third main characters and I think I liked him the most of the three. He is the one that changes the most, but even that not that much. He goes from wanting to take over the business of his father to go against this father because he sees what a bad man he is.

Overall the story wasn’t very interesting in the way it is set up as just one book. It is very predictable and feels very incomplete when it is finished. I believe that if Amy had scrapped a lot of the middle (which was boring anyway) and added another two/three hundred pages the entire duology could have been finished as just one book.

A lot of the terms used in this novel, like ‘orange/green/purple mother’ and ‘great sadness’, would have been nice if they had been explained more except for mentions because they would probably have made for more interesting stories than the actual novel.

To be honest, when I started writing this review, I gave the book three hearts. But the more I was writing I actually noticed I didn’t like it that much even, so I lowered my rating with another heart and I am still not even sure about that.

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