Book Review: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

Calling the Tuileries a garden is like calling Hogwarts a school

Tunnel of Bones was a quick and easy read. The mystery of the first book is well carried over and Victoria Schwab is still hitting all the high notes with this series.

Book Review: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab


Title & Author: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Release date: September 3 2019
Series: Cassidy Blake
Publisher: Scholastic Press


Trouble is haunting Cassidy Blake . . . even more than usual.

She (plus her ghost best friend, Jacob, of course) are in Paris, where Cass’s parents are filming their TV show about the world’s most haunted cities. Sure, it’s fun eating croissants and seeing the Eiffel Tower, but there’s true ghostly danger lurking beneath Paris, in the creepy underground Catacombs.

When Cass accidentally awakens a frighteningly strong spirit, she must rely on her still-growing skills as a ghosthunter — and turn to friends both old and new to help her unravel a mystery. But time is running out, and the spirit is only growing stronger.

And if Cass fails, the force she’s unleashed could haunt the city forever.

I give Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab four out of five hearts, because I really liked the world and characters, but I didn’t care for the antagonist.

Victoria Schwab hits all the high notes with Tunnel of Bones, interesting characters, a great new world and I genuinely love it. It made me want to read again, which I have been lacking these last few weeks. Tunnel of Bones is a quick read and it blew by as the clouds do where I live.

Cassidy Blake is with her parents in Paris, the city of love, build on top of millions of bones, who would have thought. That Cass could see ghosts we knew from the previous book and this time again she ends up in a compelling case. But I felt this was where it was lacking, there was no big bad, just a small boy playing tricks and growing a little bit stronger than ghosts usually do. But normally in a series the second big bad is bigger than the previous and it wasn’t, or at least it felt that way to me and I took an entire star away from the book because of it. This little boy was nothing except for a nuisance.

Jacob keeps being a great character, we dive deeper into his death in this book and I am curious whether he is going to play a bigger role in a later book in this series, but for now he remains great.

Overall I think Victoria Schwab knows how to write a compelling story, with great characters, but sometimes her antagonists seem a bit lacking. Great middle-grade story and I am looking forward to the third book.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab

  1. I loved it but I think there can be a better protagonist in the story. That part gives me kind of a half-and-half way of looking at this book. Overall, it was good, but that protagonist just made it seem kinda dumb compared to the other books by Victoria Schwab. By that, it just makes me think that this must have been that book that made you go to the bottom of a u shape, but another book that she wrote made her go skyrocket to the top of the U shape.

  2. I would read the other books she made and I suggest Victoria Schwab to make a book about Lara Chowdury.

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