On My Shelf #18

On My Shelf

On My Shelf is an original feature inspired by the On My Shelf tag. Each time I will take 5 random books from my shelves and tell you about them (how I got them, what I think of them etc.), and if they are in Dutch I will write a small synopsis of them.
I will roll some dice to find out which books it will be.

Taal is Zeg maar Echt mijn Ding by Paulien Cornelisse

This is a Dutch book about how we, Dutchies, use the Dutch language. It is written by a comedian and I think it is very well written en truthfully. There are a lot of words that mean something different then they are used for by the people. Each passage is short and about one word, so very nice for just a small break.

The Well of Tears (The Crowthistle Chronicles #2) by Cecilia Dart-Thornton

I got this book for one of my birthdays from my then-boyfriend, sad thing was: He did his best to find me a book I did not have yet, but it was the second part in a series and getting the first part took me over 3 years. So it took me forever to get to reading it. It also was not memorable, because by now I can hardly remember what happened.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

I bought this book after I watched the 10th anniversary of the musical and was very curious on how the songs fit into the story. In a way I liked the story, but it was very long and not very interesting.

The Hunchback of the Notre Dame by Victor Hugo

I bought this book together with Les Miserables at a secondhand store. It used to be my favorite Disney movie (and the only VHS that belonged to me). I like the story, but I can not remember any details of it, which makes me a bit sad.

Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon

I found this book at a secondhand bookstore and liked the sysnopsis. I loved it! I like the time period and it is very well written. It was sad and happy at the same time.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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