On My Shelf #8

On My Shelf

On My Shelf is an original feature inspired by the On My Shelf tag. Each time I will take 5 random books from my shelves and tell you about them (how I got them, what I think of them etc.), and if they are in Dutch I will write a small synopsis of them.
I will roll some dice to find out which books it will be.

Solstice at Stonewylde (Stonewylde #3) by Kit Berry

I bought Solstice back when the Stonewylde series had only three books. I loved those three books and now that I am rereading them again, they are falling apart, maybe I should replace them at some point. I still like them as much as I did back then. I am busy writing reviews for the first three books. They will be online next month.

Prom Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot a.o.

I bought this book because there was a short story in there by Stephenie Meyer. I like the stories, they are not that hard to read and all fun. I don’t have a preference for which story I like the most, but some that I reread every so often.

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare

I started reading The Infernal Devices each time when they got released, I read each part at the release of the next one again. I love them.

Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days #1) by Susan Ee

I bought this book back when the hype was going strong. I started reading it and had some troubles actually reading it. Eventually I finished it, but I can not remember a single thing that happened, so it is on my reading list again this year.

The Calling (Endgame #1) by James Frey

I loved the premise of this book, what I have read of it I liked too, the problem just is that there are way to many books in the world to read. It is on my TBR for this year. Hopefully I get to it this year.

Do you have any books you bought because there was an author involved you liked?
I hope you enjoy my weekly rants on my books. If you have some suggestion for me what to buy next, let me know in the comments or contact me!

For now, let books enrich your life!

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