#LoveAThon: Dedication to my fellow bookbloggers and BookTubers

Love-A-Thon: Dedication to my fellow bookbloggers and BookTubers

What’s Love-A-Thon?

The Love-a-Thon is an event dedicated to spreading positivity and love. It’s time dedicated to visiting other bloggers/Instagrammers/BookTubers, leaving a comment or two, making new friends and fostering positivity among the members of our amazing community.

Dedication to my fellow bloggers and BookTubers

For the bingo-challenge I am asked to write a blog post dedicated to my favorite bookbloggers and BookTubers.

I have been watching BookTube for years before I actually started to blog myself. The first one I ever found (and still follow) is Katytastic. I still like her and she reads a lot of books I like too, so I value her opinion on the matter. A few of my favorite recent videos is her vid on Stages of Book Grief, Series She Won’t Finish and Recommended Rereadable Books. I like her enthusiasm.

Secondly I follow abookutopia. A few of my favorite recent vids are Popular Books I HAVEN’T Read and How I Read.

For a time I followed polandbananasBooks, but I started to get annoyed with her voice. Nothing against her, but I just don’t like her voice that much. One of her funny video’s is this one.

When I started to look into blogging, I was looking for other blogs like what I wanted. I quickly found Tea Time Books, she writes in Dutch. She writes about bookstore tours and all kinds of books, not only literature.

Then I found Books With Claire, she writes in English and in Dutch – depending on the language she read it in. I like that about her. I liked her post on historical settings. I have written a post for her series “Talk Bookish with…”, but it is not online yet.

I also really like The Daily Prophecy, she is who brought me into the Love-A-Thon. I like the way she writes and love reading on her life outside of books, for example her post about Being the D.U.F.F. or when she did not have internet.

These are my favorite bookbloggers and BookTubers.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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