#LoveAThon Mini-Challenge 5: X Meets Y

After having a good night of sleep we move on to the second day of Love-A-Thon 2017 with another challenge. This time it is the X meets Y challenges.

With not a great description for what to do with this challenge I am just going to tell you about a thing my best friend and I used to do whenever we got together.

Because we both like the same books, movies and tv-shows and writing, we liked to write our own stories with our favorite characters from those series/books/movies. Below I will post a bit of what we recently (like last year or so) wrote.

The wind was blowing strong over the open fields, giving the air a fresh smell. A cluster of trees gives some shade, but not a lot because the sun is high in the sky.
To the east is a glittering visible, which might mean water, and to the north and west is a mountain range visible.
The fields a light up by a big flash of light. On the uneven ground is a burn mark visible, about two meter in diameter. And multiple people are standing on it.

“What the fuck just happened?” The blond haired halfling looks around her.
Renesméé looked around and inspected her body, she had shrunk. Her body was that of the young girl her parents had taken care of again.
Ringer was lying unconscious on the ground, the explosion just before she got teleported away had flung her against the side of a building. Her head was bleeding and she had cuts and bruises in her face.
At the moment Belle got transported away from her realm she was just reaching up for one of the higher shelves in Rumpelstiltskin. With her hand up in the air to wipe the dust of that shelf, she appeared out of nowhere. With a squeal she dropped her cleaning cloth. “What just happened?” She looked at the people around her.

“Oi!” Hook yelped as he stumbled backwards and nearly tripped over a body. Bewildered he whirled around, only just keeping his balance. “What the bloody hell is going on here!?”
Next to him, a young boy with a blue cloak jumped by the man’s yelling and gaped at him, his dark eyes huge in his pale face.
Aramis fumbles to catch his hat as it falls of his head, poking the nearest person with his sheathed sword. He is not looking graceful at all, despite his fancy armor and clothing.

Belle got poked by Aramis’ sword and her eyes grew huge at this. “Good sir, I hope this does not have to mean anything?” She turns back and focuses on Hook. “Do I recognise you, sir, or is my imagination running wild with me?”
Renesméé looks at the pirate. “It is not proper to say ‘bloody’!” She looked at the tall man, “also I do not think anyone of us has any idea of what is going on.” She wiped the dirt of her skirt, it had gotten a bit dirty during her travel. “I schrunk.” Her voice sounded much younger, like her body, than her soul actually was. It gave her goosebumps.
Ringer moaned as she slowly gained consciousness.
Betty pulled out her dagger. “Do I need to defend myself or not?” She looked suspiciously at the others, especially at the pirate and musketeer.

Here we used Renesmee (Twilight), Ringer (The 5th Wave), Amaris (BBC’s The Three Musketeers), Hook and Belle (Once Upon a Time). We always had a lot of fun with this. For what we wrote that day we also used: Khadar (WoW movie), Carlisle (Twilight) and Betty (Rat Queens).

We had so much fun throwing people from different universes together and see how they respond to each other.

Even though I now sort of did what the challenge suggested, I feel I should do an ‘If you like this, you will like this’ thing. But I have no idea where to start with it.

Do you think I should do a post like that some time soon? If you like me to do a post like that, please let me know in the comments down below!

For now, have a great weekend and let books enrich your life!

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