Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite TV Series of All Time

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week I will post a new top ten list to answer. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows of All Time

10. Shadowhunters
Of course this series would be on my list, I still do not know whether I like the series a lot, but I do like compairing it to the books and see the differences.
9. Agents of Shield
I am not a huge Marvel fan, but I do like the series using my favorite character from the Marvel universe (but I am angry about making him be alive again!).
8. Code Black
In this series I like the humor and story lines, they are very well done and emotional.
7. Bones
I have been watching Bones since its release in The Netherlands. I like Bones because she was a very anti-social scientist, she was my example in what I wanted to become. But I am more social! Haha.
6. Quantico
When Quantico started out, it intrigued me immeadiatly due to showing the training and the actual problem in the future.
5. Once Upon a Time
I like fairytales, what is more to say here.
4. Switched at Birth
I have no clue anymore how I found this series, but I really liked the synopsis and have been a fan since.
3. Arrow
I started watching this series because I was interested in the premise and liked the difference between mr Queen before the shiprack and after.
2. Scorpion
Again a series about socially awkward people. I still really these.
1. Criminal Minds
I was watching CSI at the time when Criminal Mind first got release, I thought this series was better because it reflected reallife way better and the characters are more diverse.

For this top ten Tuesday I used my favorite TV series shown on American television. Because half of my favorite TV series are not being shown on the television in The Netherlands, also I have not watched television on Dutch channels for several years.

For now, let books enrich your life!

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